About Emergency Communications Organisation Magazine

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The Emergency Communications Organisation is an all encompassing information service for all personnel involved in Emergency Services and Disaster Relief and the only resource of its type. With over 800 member organisations globally it is a network that reached far and wide.

The project is available to members as a free to use webportal, with up to date product and technical information, news, disaster information, and free question and answer service for personnel to ask for free technical advice. All member Organisation recieve the information in a journal free of charge in July and January.

The web portal www.emergencycomms.org, has various services to help you and for you to request information:

  • 48 hour technical response support via email – ask a question and we will come back with the answer to you,
  • The UN Disaster response map lets you know what you will be facing and what is happening globally that might affect you,
  • The Resource Centre, with white papers and reports for you to read and download,
  • News, views and up to date information, on what is happening.

We are working with numerous organisations to provide you with this information and I would like to thank every one of them for their help and expertise. We have interviews with the ITU, Télécoms Sans Frontières, Tetra and Critical Communications Association, FirstNet and IPv6 Forum. Steve Goodman, our North American correspondent, has written some up to date pieces, some tongue in cheek that should inform and amuse you.

I would also like to thank Motorola for allowing us to use their image library for the project.

If you have any questions please email me and remember this is a free organisation to provide the correct information to the people who need it.

Robbie Alcock
Co-Founder, Emergency Communications Organisation, Ireland