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24 January 2018 | 1:11 am
K'Nex builds toys rollercoaster you can ride in VR
K'Nex creates a toy rollercoaster kit that children build and then "ride" in virtual reality.

24 January 2018 | 12:37 am
Robot bartender: The bar where machines mix drinks
You can order a cocktail and a pair of robot arms will mix it for you while you wait.

23 January 2018 | 7:49 pm
Microsoft boss: World needs more computing power
The head of tech giant Microsoft says faster machines are needed to solve difficult computing problems.

23 January 2018 | 6:59 pm
The mystery of the cars abandoned in a robot car park
Several vehicles from the 1990s were discovered during work to dismantle Edinburgh's "car park of the future".

23 January 2018 | 5:17 pm
Mavic Air: DJI launches 'ultraportable' drone
DJI releases a drone that it says is about half the size and weight of its bestselling Mavic Pro.

23 January 2018 | 4:10 pm
Netflix tunes into subscriber surge
The streaming service adds more than 8 million members in the last three months of 2017.

23 January 2018 | 3:16 pm
Amazon's Twitch triumphs over bot-sellers
The Amazon-owned games streaming service wins a court battle versus a service selling fake views.

23 January 2018 | 2:46 pm
Twitter's Anthony Noto leaves to join SoFi
The company's chief operating officer, Anthony Noto, joins social lender SoFi as chief executive.

23 January 2018 | 2:36 pm
Facebook invents new unit of time called a flick
The flick is the smallest unit of time larger than a nanosecond.

23 January 2018 | 2:14 pm
Elon Musk's Boring Company presents LA tunnel plan
Elon Musk's Boring Company has presented its LA transport tunnel plans for Culver City.

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