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25 November 2017 | 12:28 am
Predatory comments prompt YouTube ad suspension
Mars, Lidl and Adidas are among companies to act after inappropriate content found next to their ads.

24 November 2017 | 6:23 pm
Warnings over net-connected Christmas gadgets
Parents should check net-connected toys and gadgets are safe to give to children, warns data watchdog.

24 November 2017 | 3:26 pm
Amazon workers on strike in Italy and Germany
Employees disrupt one of the retailer's busiest shopping days in disputes over pay and conditions.

24 November 2017 | 2:13 pm
Gove attacks 'distorting' social media after animal sentience row
Michael Gove questions the role of "raw and authentic" Twitter voices in debates on animal welfare.

24 November 2017 | 12:52 pm
Call to regulate video game loot boxes over gambling concerns
Greater use of loot boxes in games has drawn criticism and scrutiny from politicians and regulators

24 November 2017 | 12:18 pm
Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Top tips
How to bag the best of the bargains.

24 November 2017 | 11:10 am
Virtual reality used during cystic fibrosis treatment
Cystic fibrosis patients can now use virtual reality safaris to distract them from treatment.

24 November 2017 | 3:25 am
'I'm not going to listen to you any more'
How avatar therapy is helping people stand up to schizophrenic voices by giving them a face.

24 November 2017 | 3:17 am
Toyota's robot mirrors human movements and other news
BBC Click's Kat Hawkins looks at some of the best of the week's technology news stories.

24 November 2017 | 12:52 am
Glitch in YouTube's tool for tracking obscene comments
A system for flagging indecent comments on children's videos was compromised by a serious glitch.

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