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PDF icon Case Study - A Tough Solution for Efficient Engineers
(Damm Cellular Systems)
PDF icon TetraFlex® for Rail and Metro – when reliable communication is crucial
01 August 2014 - (Tait Communications)
Tait and Avtec make multi-vendor solutions a reality in Panola County
29 July 2014 - (Hytera Mobilfunk)
Hytera to support Youth Olympic Games 2014
24 July 2014 - (Hytera Mobilfunk)
Hytera radios secure World Cup stadium in Brazil
21 July 2014 - (Hytera Mobilfunk)
Shenzhen Metro chooses TETRA and DMR solution from Hytera
17 July 2014 - (Motorola Solutions)
Motorola Solutions, NOBLE recognize St. Paul, Minn. Police Department’s Deborah Montgomery as law enforcement trailblazer
17 July 2014 - (Hytera Mobilfunk)
Hytera supports Le Mans racing team with DMR radios
11 July 2014 - (Tait Communications)
Tait commences private LTE (4G) trial with New Zealand utility
10 July 2014 - (Voxbone)
Prosodie-Capgemini Selects Voxbone to Drive International Growth of its Odigo Contact Center Solution
04 July 2014 - (Damm Cellular Systems)
DAMM wins Western Railway upgrade and continues the success with public transportation in Mumbai
03 July 2014 - (Hytera Mobilfunk)
DMR advancing strongly: Federal network agency responds
18 June 2014 - (Motorola Solutions)
Motorola Solutions Upgrades North Carolina's Burke County with Latest 9-1-1 Dispatching Technology
16 June 2014 - (Motorola Solutions)
Motorola Solutions’ Intelligent Data Portal Gives First Responders in the Field Instant Access to Enhanced Situational Awareness
11 June 2014 - (Tait Communications)
Strong leadership during P25 migration ensures MACC 9-1-1 will realize the full potential of their critical communications solution
10 June 2014 - (Voxbone)
Speek Selects Voxbone to Connect its Web Conferencing Service to the Global Telephone Network
28 May 2014 - (Motorola Solutions)
The Next Phase of NG9-1-1
08 May 2014 - (Voxbone)
Voxbone Empowers Enterprises and Communications Providers to Reap the Benefits of WebRTC without Network Investment
06 May 2014 - (Tait Communications)
Tait Communications – a hand-in-hand partner with Jim Wells County
24 April 2014 - (Voxbone)
Voxeet Selects Voxbone to Continue the Global Expansion of its Audio Conferencing Service
05 March 2014 - (Bren-Tronics)
Bren-Tronics Charging Systems, Energy Independence For The Warfighter
11 February 2014 - (TETRATAB)
ANPR Functionality
(US Department of Health and Human Resources)
Emergency Preparedness Planning and Response
23 September 2013 - (Selex ES)
PDF icon Selex ES provides secure TETRA communications system for World Cycling Championships 2013
12 September 2013 - (Commonweath Telecommmunications Organisation)
PDF icon Joint CTO - ICTA Workshop on Using ICTs for Disaster Management Commences in Mauritius
July 2013 - (The TETRA and Critical Communications Association)
PDF icon How to source a Mission Critical Service
The purpose of this paper is to assist service providers in their understanding of what mission critical service is and what specific legal frameworks are being used today by governments to ensure that the service is always available. Mission Critical operations are being conducted by Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) organisations including Police, Fire, Rescue and Health organisations.
July 2013 - (The TETRA and Critical Communications Association)
PDF icon Broadband spectrum for mission critical communication needed
EU member states, in cooperation with the Commission, are in preparation for the ITU World Radiocommunications Conference 2015 to identify a single spectrum environment for Broadband Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) services and to define conditions for taking the 700 MHz band to mobile use, including conditions for PPDR use of the band. TCCA recommends that a sufficient amount of 700 MHz frequency resources shall be made available for these mission critical communication services.
09 May 2013 - (TETRATAB)
Tests on Vauxhall's Hi-Tech Crime Fighting Car