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Tait Communications blog shares industry and Tait news, updates, articles on radio communications technolgy & solutions for utilities and public safety agencies

16 October 2019 | 11:00 pm
The Tait Tough Range has Grown
We’re excited to announce the addition of new models to the Tait Tough TP9000 range. These new portable radios feature exceptional audio quality, flexible connectivity options, enhanced worker safety tools and an improved user experience. Learn more about these great rugged radios in this video. Tait Communications has earned a reputation for providing instant, reliable communications […]

10 October 2019 | 5:30 am
What is the Future of LTE? Tait Radio Academy
One of the biggest movers and shakers in the Unified Critical Communications space is LTE. The broadband data capabilities could change the game, but will LTE ever replace LMR? Can First Responders rely on LTE to support their communications during emergencies or major events? Who is guiding the development of LTE? What’s the difference between […]

8 October 2019 | 1:56 am
Connection 9: Tait Partner Perspective – The High Tech Uptake
Rainer Grob is an engineer and owner of Nova Funk Engineering AG, mobile comms specialists in Lucerne, Switzerland. He talks to Connection Magazine about the changes he has seen over his career, and Switzerland’s unique communications environment. Rainer Grob’s passion for radio goes back to his early years; even as a child, he identified electronic […]

2 October 2019 | 5:02 am
Tait P25: Instant, Reliable Communications is just the Beginning
Tait P25 provides instant and reliable communications that are trusted and used around the globe.  With exceptional audio, safety features, and plenty of migration options, Tait P25 is a secure, future-proof, public safety grade critical communications solution. This article looks at some of the detail behind each of these areas: Proven Experience – Customer Stories […]

30 September 2019 | 10:30 pm
How to Choose the Right Communications Bearers: Tait Radio Academy
Trying to decide which forms of wireless communication are right for your organization?  In the second lesson of Introduction to Unified Critical Communications, we look at the pros and cons of LMR, WiFi, Satellite, and LTE. Maybe you’re convinced that no single device will meet all the needs of your organization, and now you’re looking […]

24 September 2019 | 9:12 pm
Connection 9: LMR in a FirstNet World
FirstNet, the First Responder Network Authority, was set-up as an independent entity in the US to provide an interoperable wireless broadband public safety network across the entire US. Does LMR have a place alongside FirstNet? David Lau, Senior Market Analyst at Tait investigates. He concludes that while FirstNet is an important part of the future […]

19 September 2019 | 4:00 am
Introduction to Unified Critical Communications: Tait Radio Academy
The Tait Radio Academy is a free training resource, providing foundational education on a wide range of critical communications topics.  From basic radio awareness to Industrial Control Systems, there is a range of material for people in both technical and non-technical roles. Communications have never been more important than they are today.  Businesses, public safety, […]

17 September 2019 | 4:54 am
Connection 9: Bridging to the Future with Convergence Technologies
As first responders look toward Long Term Evolution (LTE) broadband, converged devices can be the catalyst to accelerate adoption of new data-centric capabilities, while still ensuring users have reliable voice communications. Broadband technologies are key elements of future mission critical communications, so for mission critical organizations, that means starting the adoption process in the near […]

12 September 2019 | 5:40 am
How Digital Noise Suppression Will Transform Your Audio Experience (videos)
Have you ever wondered how Tait digital noise suppression works? We made calls from inside a sound booth where the sound levels were over 120 dB (louder than the front row of a rock concert!).  Listen for yourself to clarity of audio in these video clips. TP9400: TP9300: Your communications are critical, and so are […]

11 September 2019 | 7:00 am
Extend your Vehicle Radio over WiFi and Smartphone (video demo)
If your team works from a vehicle fleet, they likely have all the communication tools they need – when they’re in their vehicles. But what about when they need to roam and work around the vehicle? Does exiting their vehicle represent a loss of comms, productivity or safety? Tait Unified Vehicle has a companion Remote […]

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