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Tait Communications blog shares industry and Tait news, updates, articles on radio communications technolgy & solutions for utilities and public safety agencies

25 June 2019 | 2:33 am
A Flexible Approach to Communication System Design (Connection 9)
System Designer Barry Crates paints a colorful metaphor, comparing a flexible approach to communications system design to the proverbial Swiss Army knife. A unique insight into the process behind designing the perfect solution for both client and vendor. Imagine a simple knife; sharp, finely-honed, feeling just right in your hand, and perfect for slicing into […]

18 June 2019 | 10:23 pm
Fast Polling for Location Services (Everything you need to know)
Location services capability is a fundamental building block to improving many operational efficiency and safety outcomes.  It is on this basis that we have significantly invested and will continue to invest in Tait DMR location data capabilities.  In this first release we are now offering polling at a rate eight times faster than previously offered, […]

23 May 2019 | 3:19 am
Client Stories: Critical Communications Systems for Law Enforcement
Successful Law Enforcement requires clear, reliable voice and data communications, with the capability to securely interoperate with adjacent agencies.  Tait is proud to support Law Enforcement operations around the world in keeping our communities safe. In this video, several of our clients describe in their own words the impact Tait critical communications networks have on […]

22 May 2019 | 3:30 am
What can Tait GeoFencing do for You?
We recently introduced you to the unique Tait GeoFencing solution available in our TP9300 and TM9300 terminals.  You’ve seen how it works and what it does, but what does it mean for your organization?  How can Tait GeoFencing enhance worker safety and efficiency? The functionality Tait GeoFencing provides is broad and customizable, allowing each organization […]

21 May 2019 | 5:34 am
“We feel like we got the absolute best radio system we could get, and it was inexpensive.”
Tait is proud to support Fire and Emergency response teams all over the world. These everyday heroes risk their lives to keep their communities safe and secure. In this video, a range of our Fire and Emergency clients describe in their own words the impact Tait critical communications networks have on their operations. “This system […]

17 May 2019 | 5:44 am
Bluetooth® Accessories for Enhanced Usability
Many critical comms users consider accessories just as important as their radios.  There is no point in using a high quality radio if your microphone or speaker isn’t suited to your use.  With that in mind, Endorsed Tait Technology Partners Savox and Aina have both recently released Bluetooth accessories that pair with Tait TP9300 and […]

15 May 2019 | 9:00 am
Connection 9: Coverage Theory
Do you know what to consider when specifying or designing digital radio networks for data transmission, as opposed to just voice? There are important coverage differences that you need to understand, to be sure you specify for the overall network performance you need. In this article, first featured in the latest issue of  Connection Magazine, […]

8 May 2019 | 12:35 am
Your Technology Trend Guide
What opportunities will 5G bring? How far away are Smart Cities? What role will IoT play in your industry? This new guide from Tait explores the technology innovations that are likely to bring disruption to your business sooner than later. Read some examples of what world leading organizations are doing to embrace the future. CHANGE […]

3 May 2019 | 2:37 am
White Paper: Critical Communications for Utilities
Authored by Dan Draughn, this white paper discusses common challenges Utilities face, the communication tools available, and what the future of communications will look like for Utilities. As a young Utilities communications professional in Mississippi some decades ago, Dan Draughn recalls facing natural disasters – both hurricanes and ice storms – almost every year. Each […]

30 April 2019 | 7:00 am
New White Paper: Innovation and Convergence in Mining Communications
Much like the strata of rock visible in a mine, modern mining communications rest on layers of communications technologies, introduced over time to improve the safety, efficiency, and productivity of mining operations. Ground-breaking new technologies will continue to emerge, but earlier technologies continue to perform the function they were intended for, and do not necessarily […]

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