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Tait Communications blog shares industry and Tait news, updates, articles on radio communications technolgy & solutions for utilities and public safety agencies

14 August 2019 | 11:43 pm
Tait Joins Mission Critical Alliance
L3Harris Technologies, a global aerospace and defense technology innovator and leader in mission critical technologies, has announced the formation of the Mission Critical Alliance. This technology partner program will openly collaborate to advance solutions for mission critical industries. Tait Communications is proud to be a founding member of this alliance, and expect to deliver interoperable, […]

8 August 2019 | 5:35 am
How Tait Unified Vehicle AppBuilder is Being Used for Mining (videos)
Con Costi, Australian Channel Manager, Tait Asia Pacific, shares his experiences using the Tait Unified Vehicle AppBuilder for mining operations. Tait Unified Vehicle is an edge computing platform that can combine mobile radio and broadband connectivity.  It includes a powerful Application Builder tool that is designed to easily program and control various aspects of the […]

6 August 2019 | 3:18 am
Tait EnableInsight: The Future of Network Management
As LMR networks grow in capability and become increasingly interconnected with a variety of software and systems, network management needs a whole new approach.  Proactively managing and supporting your network is an effective way to safeguard your communications system, and decrease the risk of interruptions that affect business efficiency and worker safety.  Tait Enable is […]

23 July 2019 | 5:15 am
6 Ways Tait delivers Value for your Taxpayers
Tait Communications works with many taxpayer funded organizations, and we consistently hear from these clients about their need to use funding wisely.  Tait solutions are designed with taxpayer value in mind, and in this post we’ll explore how your community is best served by solutions from Tait. 1. Greater Value for Money There is a […]

17 July 2019 | 3:00 am
Lakes Region Mutual Fire Aid selects ALL-COMM and Tait
The Lakes Region Mutual Fire Aid Association is a regional Fire and EMS Dispatch Centre in Laconia, New Hampshire, USA.  They have selected a Tait solution to enhance the reliability and efficiency of their communications – an US$860,000 project taking place this year. Lakes Region Mutual Fire Aid Association serves 35 member communities over an […]

17 July 2019 | 3:00 am
School Radios: 7 Reasons why the new TP3 Passes the Test
Two-way radios have long been a part of school communication systems.  Despite the rise of smartphones, radios are still a vital tool in schools because of their ease of use, reliability and instant push-to-talk communication. The new Tait TP3 was designed with features that are perfect for schools.  In this article, we’ll explore the top […]

25 June 2019 | 2:33 am
A Flexible Approach to Communication System Design (Connection 9)
System Designer Barry Crates paints a colorful metaphor, comparing a flexible approach to communications system design to the proverbial Swiss Army knife. A unique insight into the process behind designing the perfect solution for both client and vendor. Imagine a simple knife; sharp, finely-honed, feeling just right in your hand, and perfect for slicing into […]

18 June 2019 | 10:23 pm
Fast Polling for Location Services (Everything you need to know)
Location services capability is a fundamental building block to improving many operational efficiency and safety outcomes.  It is on this basis that we have significantly invested and will continue to invest in Tait DMR location data capabilities.  In this first release we are now offering polling at a rate eight times faster than previously offered, […]

23 May 2019 | 3:19 am
Client Stories: Critical Communications Systems for Law Enforcement
Successful Law Enforcement requires clear, reliable voice and data communications, with the capability to securely interoperate with adjacent agencies.  Tait is proud to support Law Enforcement operations around the world in keeping our communities safe. In this video, several of our clients describe in their own words the impact Tait critical communications networks have on […]

22 May 2019 | 3:30 am
What can Tait GeoFencing do for You?
We recently introduced you to the unique Tait GeoFencing solution available in our TP9300 and TM9300 terminals.  You’ve seen how it works and what it does, but what does it mean for your organization?  How can Tait GeoFencing enhance worker safety and efficiency? The functionality Tait GeoFencing provides is broad and customizable, allowing each organization […]

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